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Ranger Award
Venture Crew 304 is currently working on various components of the Ranger Award. This is an optional award, focusing on outdoor skills and interests. To earn the Ranger Award, crew members must complete 8 core requirements, and 4 elective requirements. The Crew is working through the core requirements, and on the Plants & Wildlife elective. This spring they will also be starting the Cycling elective.
The following link is for the Ranger Award requirements:

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What is Venturing?
- Venturing is BSA's young adult program
- It is a coed program open to young men and women
- Ages 14 to through 20
- or 13 and have completed eighth grade
- No prior scouting experience is necessary
- Collectively, the group is a Venture Crew
So what does a Venture Crew do?
- Venturing is a youth run program, and the adults are Advisors.
- Key components for venturing are adventure, leadership, personal growth, and
     Community Service
- The Crew elects Officers, and meetings are run similar to a board meeting.
- The Crew determines as a group what activities they would like to do.
- From low key crew nights to weekend campouts, traveling and high adventure
- The Crew then budgets, fundraises, plans, and prepares for the activities or trip.
Venturing Awards
- Venturing Award: The first, and most basic of the awards, earned by joining a crew
    and participating in Crew activities.
- Discovery Award: Earned after completion of required elements in Adventure, Leadership,
    Personal Growth, and Community Service.
- Pathfinder Award: A continuation of the required elements, with more focus on planning and
    leadership in each of the areas.
- Summit Award: A continuation of the required elements, with more focus mentoring and
    leadership in each of the areas, and completion of a community service project.


Fun the Granby Venture Crew has been having......
- Fishing
- Learning outdoor skills
- Camping
- Corn Maze & Hayride
- Cooking
- Sledding
- ATV Certification Training
- Intro to Scuba Diving Class
- Regional APEX Venture Crew weekend in the New York Adirondacks
- First Aid & CPR Training
- Community Service
- Visit to Laser 99.3 radio station for an interview with Patrick Kelly
- Operation Zero Training & Campout