If your son has brought one of these cards home it is because a friend would like to share their scouting experience with him.

We started this as a way for our scouts to invite 1 or 2 peers along to either a den event or a pack event that the leaders feel would be appropriate to include visitors. We only offer 1 or 2 cards per scout per event. This means if you have one it is a personal invite from a friend.

To learn more about scouting click here

To contact a leader about the event click here

A few FAQ's to know prior coming to the event.

  • Scouting is family oriented, siblings can attend many scout functions. If you have any questions contact the leader and verify prior to arrival. Pack meetings are no problem for siblings.
  • Consider the weather for outdoor activities. 
  • There is no obligation to join, just come hang out with your friend and if you like it consider joining then.
  • We like to introduce visitors to the entire group, if your son is not comfortable with this, just let us know.
  • Though scouting can be a pretty big commitment scouting can also be very flexible. Many scout leaders will do their best to help work with difficult schedules. 
  • Bring the card with you, depending on the event we might offer a free raffle and the card will double as your sons ticket. If you forget, just ask a leader for a new one. 
  • ‚ÄčLastly come prepared to have FUN!